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Chemicals In Your Food Are Causing Cancer

The U.S. agricultural market and chemical industry sells just under a billion pounds of insecticides and herbicides each year. The government allows this to happen despite knowing that farmers and those that apply pesticides, as well as factory workers at pesticide plants get cancer at significantly higher rates than those that do not work on farms or in chemical plants. Very little effort has been made, to date, by the government in order to get to the bottom of this crisis. Pesticides can also be found in our water.

Farmers use insecticides and herbicides to rid crops of bugs, harmful plants, germs, and smaller animals. Is it hard to believe that the same pesticides that can kill bugs, small animals, and bacteria can also kill cells in the human body? Studies have shown that these chemicals can change our DNA, which can unleash the spread of carcinogenic cells.

What’s more, these pesticides often remain in our bodies for years, due to the fact that the majority of them are fat soluble. I can attest to this as I remember vividly suffering from headaches for about two weeks when I cut pesticides out of my diet and began eating a vegan diet of mainly organic fruits and vegetables.

There has been a tremendous amount of private research done over the years, which consistently shows the evidence that pesticides can cause cancer. In one study, over 50,000 U.S. farm workers were assessed for skin cancer. The results showed that the more time workers spent spraying certain chemicals, the higher the rate of cancer was. The group that was spent the most time spraying pesticides were more than 2.5x more likely to have skin cancer than those in the lowest group.

A study in Argentina recently showed a diverse range of cancer rates among its provinces that were highly correlated to the usage of pesticides. The instances of cancer were twice as high in some areas, compared to those will limited pesticide application. This is an appropriate study for Americans to consider as Argentina uses similar levels of pesticides as we do. The two countries, unfortunately, generate more than two-thirds of global GMO foods. Herbicides and insecticides are used heavily on genetically-modified crops.

Spend a few minutes looking over research on the internet and you can find well-respected doctors and university researchers connecting pesticides to a variety of different cancers.

I put little faith in the claims made by these chemical companies when they say their products don’t harm us and that they are doing a public service by boosting food output. Without these pesticides, according to pesticide industry execs, we would all be starving right now. I find that hard to believe, particularly when remembering that a variety of previous industry products have been removed from the shelves because they were deemed carcinogenic, like DDT and PCBs.

I recommend that people avoid pesticides by eating organic produce. If that is a problem because of cost or availability, it is okay to buy non-organic fruits and vegetables that have thick skin or protective shells. Berries and thin-skinned fruits are the most at risk for pesticide contamination. A filter for your water intake is also recommended.

Please see my website for more information at dangers of pesticides food additives preservatives or my blog at natural claims on food label

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